Walking Dead – What’s Up For Season 4?

comic-con-15-fear-the-walking-deadWalking Dead fans are gearing up for the fourth season of zombie gore with anticipation and curiosity. After three seasons of an award-winning, exceptionally written show, fans can’t imagine what the crew of “The Walking Dead” will do next. Fortunately, there are spoilers to give fans something tasty to sink their teeth into.

In a recent interview with Norman Reedus, it was revealed that season four is going to be the most intense season yet. After developing a show that leaves viewers on the edges of their seats with every episode, a more intense season doesn’t seem possible. None the less, Reedus, who plays the popular Daryl Dixon on the show, says that more intense is what viewers are going to get.

According to Reedus, who has spots in almost every show, the script for season four is amazing. He explained that everything in the episodes have a purpose. The events from one show to the next have a reason for happening and much of the season has already been filmed. He explained that everything is more intense and that good people on the show may actually go bad. trailer-season-6-walking-deadReedus added that the fourth season will be meaner and darker than previous ones.

Some of the new intensity may have to do with Carl’s development. At the end of season three, Carl shot a young man that didn’t present an immediate threat. At this point in his development, Carl is seeing the life the apocalypse has forced people into. He could turn out to be a very good person, or one that has to be feared like the Governor.

Speaking of the Governor, Reedus hinted that the Governor’s descent into madness may not be over yet. He explained that the Governor is among the worst of the comic book villains and that Governors TV character has yet to reach that level.
Reedus went on to add that the zombies are terrifying and even scarier than in previous seasons. In revealing this information, Reedus agreed with an earlier statement made by Gale Ann Hurd when she said there is a new zombie threat. The hint Hurd gave alluded to hungrier walkers and Reedus said the writing for season four is brilliant.

the-walking-dead-crying-over-sophias-deathAnother source of intensity on the show may come from Rick. With a new zombie threat and more people to feed andprotect, Rick’s group is under a whole new strain that might rip at the edges of the sanity he has remaining.

Other reports for the show include the addition of a new character from the comics. The character is Stookey, a 50ish year old man that has medical knowledge through his military training. The role of Stookey is played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr., known for his work on “The Wire” as D’Angelo Barksdale. Stookey comes to the show with his own set of issues, possiblysuffering from some form of PTSD. He is known in the comics for drinking heavily and having certain hang-ups about events that happened before and after the apocalypse.

It is unclear yet as to Stookey’s whereabouts on the show. It is thought that this new character will be among the Woodbury refugees welcomed into the prison at the end of season three.

The new showrunner is Glen Mazzara. Combined with the-walking-dead-sophias-deatha new writer, Scott Gimple, it sounds like season four is exactly what fans want to see, or better.

 Walking Dead – What’s Up For Season 4?

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