The Walking Dead TV Series

I will admit- I’m not so into the zombie thing. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, though, and merits several fair chances. Sufficiently turned-off after seeing ‘walkers’ (it does bug me a bit they can’t just call them zombies, but this is a moot point) bashed in the head with various blunt instruments and chopped up by katanas, I tend to zone out during most of the show. The last couple latest installments, however, have piqued my interest and got my mind reeling. Understandably, as the most recent episode brought on the ‘casting out’ of a main character.

walkingdead_tyreeseTo recap, the outbreak of some kind of flu-like illness is hitting the survivor camp hard. Many of them have come down with it, and a party goes out searching for first aid and heavy-duty medicines. Last week, the doctor impressed me with his line about how they risk their lives every time they step outside- or do anything, really- and risking it for other people is the one thing he can be sure is right in their stressful world. Very awe-inspiring. Of course, you could write this off as regurgitated sap as similar lines have been uttered from television screens for decades. I choose to reflect on it and its powerful message.

This week, little Lizzie’s lines really got to me. She was speaking with Carol who visits her in quarantine and says some very profound things about humanity. I think it was sheer genius to have a child deliver these lines, as it made the scene what it was. She remarks that at least the dead ‘get to come back’, and that the walkers are still humans, just different than how they were. If you think enough about it, it’s true on the surface- they’re the same beings behaving differently. But is that to say our minds and personalities are what makes us human? What does that say for real-world conditions that change people’s behaviors and abilities? Provoking stuff, from the mouth of tiny Lizzie.


I have mixed feelings about Rick casting Carol away. I feel that, logically, Carol did the right thing. Of course, this is a puzzle with no right answer. Nobody (aside from the writers, I’d imagine) knows what would have happened to Karen and David if Carol allowed the disease to run its course. This puts Rick in rare form after their bonding over stories of lumpy pancakes and better days, and I feel he will somehow grow to regret this decision.

Other small pieces like Bob’s struggle with alcohol didn’t impress me. I didn’t care, and the alcohol thing seems like it’d be the least of their worries in a world infested with zombies. The danger is, of course, his inability to control it and its potential danger to others. It’s the end of the world, though- let the guy wallow in his alcohol if he wants. So much for relishing in the emotional stuff and being a big softie, hmm?


With so many loose ends unresolved, it’s impossible for me to remain indifferent to this show. I am thoroughly interested in what happens next, and look forward to seeing how exactly Rick plans to explains Carol’s absence to the others. Just click to find other fun stuff to watch at home.

 The Walking Dead TV Series