Things You Need to Know About Amazon Fire TV


There are many different options available for people interesting in streaming devices today. Amazon Fire TV is a relatively new streaming device offered by Amazon which allows users to stream media content, including TV shows and movies, as well as access streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more.

If you are interested in Amazon Fire TV, take the time to get a closer look at some things you should know about Amazon Fire TV before you decide to make a purchase.

It’s more expensive than other streaming devicesamazon-fire-telephone

Amazon Fire TV is considered to be one of the more expensive streaming devices out there. Its retail price tag is $99.99, which is considerably higher than other streaming-only devices which tend to average a price point of about $50.

The reason for the higher price, according to Amazon, is that Amazon Fire TV solves many of the common issues experienced on regular streaming devices.

Amazon uses ASAP Streaming


ASAP Streaming is Advance Streaming and Prediction Streaming; this is a feature utilized by Amazon Fire TV which is intended to predict what you will want to watch next after your current stream is over. However, the feature does not stop there: it will actually begin to load the predictive streaming content before the current content is over, so that you do not have to wait for it to load or buffer.

This feature is intended to get more accurate over time, as the device learns your entertainment preferences.

Amazon Fire TV isn’t just for movies and TV showsamazon-fire-tv

Amazon Fire TV is a streaming device that lets you watch movies and TV shows—but it also does so much more than that. The device is game-capable and can play a variety of games on your screen, including games such as Angry Birds and numerous shooter and scroller games. Amazon Fire TV has also recently added many more games to its line-up, including Fire TV specific versions of The Walking Dead, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and more.

You can look up movie information as you watch the movie


Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and thought: “I know that actor! But from what?” If you’re the type that needs to confirm your thoughts right away, Amazon Fire TV has you covered: the “X-ray” feature allows you to use your mobile device to connect with Amazon Fire TV, which will send information about what you’re streaming to the mobile and allow you to easily connect to the information you want to know.receiving-amazon-tv-fire

It has a great “Kid Friendly” feature

FreeTime is an app used by Amazon Fire TV to allow parents total control over what their children can watch and how long they can watch it for. FreeTime lets parents create profiles for their children (or multiple children) and exclude any content they feel is inappropriate. The app can also utilize a special timer that stops all streaming at a certain time—such as bedtime, right after school before homework is done, or dinnertime.

 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Fire TV