Party Time with Charter Communications

Getting your family and friends in one place for a fun night can be tricky, but with Charter TV services, the problem is solved. Invite your friends over for the big game, rent a movie and have a family movie night with On Demand, or give yourself a treat and get cozy on the couch and catch up on your favorite shows with the Charter Digital Video Recorder.

Your kids can watch cartoons in one room while you watch a movie in the other and interruptions are in the past with DVR, you can rewind, pause and fast forward your program. Take a bathroom break or grab a snack without missing anything. Entertain your whole family with 3D from Charter TV.


Educate your kids with documentaries that will bring them into the show, they will have fun and learn at the same time. Entertainment is affordable with Charter TV. Parental Controls keep your children on the programming you want them on. Go bake cookies, wrap presents or check your list twice. Charter Cable TV can entertain, safely. Just click here to find out more about the Charter Cable Television Packages available in your area of the USA.

Talk All Day


Taking time to visit family can be costly, but with Charter Phone service, you can visit them over the phone. Catch up on everything your friends are doing or tell your parents all about the kids day. With unlimited local and long distance calling, not to mention an affordable international package, you can bring your family to you.
Get in touch with your old college buddies or make plans with your friends. Talking has never been easier, with Charter Phone services. Use these services with your digital calling features. Make calls, check voice messages and reject the calls you don’t want, all through one service.

Stay Connected With Charter Internet


Getting all of your work done and still having time for your family is important. With Charter Internet services, you can get all of your extra work done in the comfort of your own home and still watch a movie with the kids. With the Wi-Fi services available, you can finish your work while your kids do their homework in another room. Helping your kids with their homework has never been easier, with the high speeds of browsing; you can help them get all their research done in minutes.

Your kids viewing inappropriate websites is no longer a concern. Charter Internet also provides parental controls so you can monitor everything that they are doing without nagging them. Charter Internet brings your work home. Connect with wireless devices and surf from anywhere in the home. Check over here to find more about how Charter WiFi can support up to five devices at once.

charter-tv-magicBundled Family Time

There’s no sense in putting your hard earned money in the wrong places. You can get all of these services in one monthly package. Bundled Service packages provide more money to spend during the holiday season.



Bundle your services and gain an easy to use package. Pay one bill online for three services and your family can entertain, talk and surf while you put more money in savings.


 Party Time with Charter Communications

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